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MSK Ultrasound Resource Collection
The MSK Ultrasound Resource Collection is a set of ultrasound scanning and report template and sample reports. Formatted in Microsoft Word, templates can be copied and adapted for use in EMR and other charting applications.

This comprehensive package includes:

Sample MSK Ultrasound Diagnostic Reports
• Medial Elbow / UCL report (abnormal findings)
• Patellar Tendon eval (abnormal findings)
• Shoulder eval (normal report)
• Shoulder eval (abnormal findings)
• Lateral Ankle eval
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome eval

MSK Ultrasound Sample Procedure Reports
• Subacromial injection
• Knee intra-articular injection
• Hip Intra-articular injection
• PRP Rotator Cuff and G-H joint Injections
• Trigger Finger Injections
• PRP Plantar Fascia & Tibial N block
• PRP Patellar Tendon PRP Medial Elbow & UCL PRP Ankle
• Percutaneous Release of Median Nerve (CTS)
• Caudal ESI

MSK Ultrasound Diagnostic Templates
• Shoulder Eval
• Elbow Evaluation
• Wrist/Hand Evaluation
• Knee Evaluation
• Ankle Evaluation


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