How To Make Your Own PRP (For Less Than $10)


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How To Make Your Own PRP (For Less Than $10)

A detailed step-by-step video describing how to make your own high quality, RBC-free PRP in the office using about $10 in standard off-the-shelf supplies. Learn how make PRP that is higher in platelet counts than any commercial PRP system, that is RBC-free, and that has a favorable pro-growth, low inflammatory WBC profile. Stop spending $$ hundreds on expensive PRP kits! Dr. Tortland has been performing PRP since 2007 and shares his years of experience.

Platelet-Rich Plasma, or “PRP,” is rapidly becoming both an acceptable and an effective tool for the treatment of many orthopedic, musculoskeletal, and neurological conditions. However, the high cost of most commercial PRP systems and kits can be a barrier both to physicians entering the world of PRP as well as to patients being able to afford treatment.

In this video you will learn easily how to generate your own RBC-free high quality PRP . . . for less than $10 per treatment. The method described here gives the practitioner the ability to:
• Create RBC-free or RBC-rich PRP in about 10 minutes
• Create virtually any degree of platelet concentration
• Create PRP with a favorable WBC profile
• NO inflammatory granulocytes or neutrophils, but increased pro-growth lymphocytes and monocytes
• Create any volume of PRP needed


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