What if there is a particular musculoskeletal video that I would like to see but it does not yet exist?

We are always looking for input and feedback as to what topics and videos viewers would like to see! Please e-mail us your suggestions.

Are Refunds Available?

Once payment is made and processed, no refunds are available for any musculoskeletal training videos.

After purchase, for how long do I have access to the videos?

Once you purchase and download a product it’s yours forever!  But if you lose a downloaded video, you will have to buy it again.  (Most people are honest.  But we can’t confirm that every case of a “lost” video is valid!)

How are the musculoskeletal training videos distributed?

Except where noted, all musculoskeletal training videos are via digital download only. No hard discs are available. Users simply need a web-enabled device and their login information. Once you place your order you will receive a confirmation e-mail.  You can then log into your account and download your purchase(s) to your device, and you can then watch it as often as you like.  Note that you will be able to download your purchase ONCE, so make sure to download it, and not simply watch it!  Also please be aware that all videos are copyright protected.  Once downloaded, you may not share, sell, or otherwise distribute your purchased videos.