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Dr. Tortland Speaks & Teaches at the International Stem Cell Symposium

Dr. Tortland was among a list of international speakers at the 7th annual Orthobiologic Institute PRP & Stem Cell Symposium. The annual event features lectures and workshops focused both on sharing the latest in PRP and stem cell science for orthopedic conditions and for training physicians in various regenerative medicine techniques.

Dr. Tortland spoke as part of a panel discussion exploring the use of bone marrow-derived vs. fat-derived stem cells. Click here to see Dr. Tortland’s comments. Dr. Tortland also was one of the faculty teaching a hands-on workshop on how to perform bone marrow aspirations for stem cell harvesting.

Dr. Tortland is an internationally recognized expert in Regenerative Medicine, including the use of PRP and bone marrow derived and adipose- or fat-derived stem cells for orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions.

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