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Created by Paul D. Tortland, DO, one of the nation’s leading practitioners and teachers of musculoskeletal ultrasound. MSK Ultrasound Training is designed to help physicians learn and improve their musculoskeletal ultrasound skills.

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Diagnostic Protocols

Clear and comprehensive diagnostic scanning protocols and pearls

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Dr. Paul Tortland

One of the nation’s leading experts and teachers of Ultrasound Guided Injections

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Guided Injection Techniques

  • View our collection of training videos demonstrating Ultrasound Guided Injection techniques performed on LIVE Patients with real injuries.

Ultrasound Diagnostic Protocols

  • View our collection of videos detailing Ultrasound Guided Diagnostic Protocols.

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  • View the other videos and resources in our Product library; including how to make your very own Platelet-Rich Plasma for less than $10 as well as documentation templates for MSK Ultrasound Guided procedures

What Others Are Saying . . .

“You have fabulous skills and you have changed my thoughts regarding the practice of medicine.” LSH

“Great job on the videos!  Very informative.  I watched them both yesterday AM and was impressed.”  MM

“It [MSK US Resource Files] is extremely useful!!! It would save me a countless amount of hours trying to re-create the order. This is the best. Thank you very much.” IB

“Absolutely love the videos. You really do a great job.” JM

“Downloaded a few of your videos earlier this year and they have been a tremendous help.”  TD

“Last summer I ordered your “Make your own PRP” video. I finally got the $ for the laminar flow hood and centrifuge and “perfected” the method. We are getting great results…its been easy to do and I am very happy with everything so far.”  CB

“I really enjoyed the hip injection and the lumbosacral spine videos I purchased this week.”  SI

“Absolutely love your training. [name] also trained all of my mentors at my grad school, but getting great video content to watch over and over again seemed impossible back then. This is fantastic.”  JM

“Some time ago I purchased your video and the information has been great; we have been using your method for PRP ever since with great results.”  DL

“Your videos are amazing.  Very clear explanations and thorough review of the anatomy.  You’re a great teacher!”  DS

News and Blog

June 7-9, 2018 LAS VEGAS – Dr. Tortland was a featured speaker at the 9th annual meeting of The Orthobiologic Institute (TOBI).  he gave a lecture on Bone Marrow Harvesting Techniques for stem cell acquisition, and he helped teach marrow harvesting techniques in a cadaver lab workshop.